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Dr. Lee Ozaeta - FAQ

Why are you writing this?

To tell the story of my Father, Dr. Lee Ozaeta, and the events leading up to his death.

Am I attacking Dr. Lee Ozaeta's reputation or character?

No, I have no judgement or opinions on Dr. Lee Ozaeta's reputation or character.

I am simply writing about the events that involved me, my Father, and Dr. Ozaeta which ultimately led up to my Father's death.

Is this libel or defamation against Dr. Lee Ozaeta?

No. Libel and defamation involve lies. If there is a mistake of events written, I will gladly make changes.

But everything that I have written can be backed up with email records.

Am I blaming Dr. Lee Ozaeta on my Father's death?

I am not blaming Dr. Lee Ozaeta for the death of my Father. I am simply depicting what happened, it is up to the reader to make their own opinions.

When my bearded dragon got sick in February 2021, the vet wanted him in the clinic right away. We did blood tests, x-rays, the whole nine yards.

My beloved bearded dragon, Puff, died two weeks later.

I don't blame the vet for my bearded dragon's death and I'm not blaming Dr. Ozaeta for my Father's death either.

I am just giving the story of what happened.

That raises the question, why didn't you make a website for Puff then?

We tried everything with Puff. The vets brought him in and tried to treat him as best as they could.

If the vets said Puff was fine without even examining him, maybe that might've been a worthwhile story.

Could an in-person visit with Dr. Lee Ozaeta have prevented my Father's death?

Nobody knows. However, at least knowing we tried our best to diagnose and prevent his death would have been enough consolation.

Am I writing this out of anger, spite, or hate towards Dr. Lee Ozaeta?

No, what's done is done and you just have to move on. Everyday I wake up thankful just being able to breathe, look outside, and see the sun.

My Father's death has given me a new perspective on life and I'm glad to still be living.

There's no room for hatred or anger and life's too short to dwell with such thoughts.

Do I hold any animosity or hatred towards Dr. Lee Ozaeta?

No, there's better things to spend time on.

Am I trying to get any monetary gain from this website and/or from holding this domain name?

No. This website does not contain ads or help me achieve any monetary gain. I will not be open to selling or releasing this website or domain name. On my part, there are no attempts to "cybersquat," extort, or use this domain name or website with bad faith.

This website's only purpose is to tell the story of my family and our relationship with Dr. Lee Ozaeta. No money involved.

Do I benefit in any way, personally or commercially from this website?

No. This website's is only aimed to benefit the community by chronicling my family's experience with the practicing doctor, Lee Ozaeta.

Is Dr. Lee Ozaeta a good doctor?

In my opinion, Dr. Lee Ozaeta is not a good doctor. He did not take our concerns seriously especially when I specifically asked him to examine my Dad in person.

Would you recommend Dr. Lee Ozaeta as your doctor or primary care physician?

I would not recommend Dr. Lee Ozaeta as my doctor or primary care physician. Again, he did not take our concerns seriously. It is your doctor's job to listen to the patients and understand their concerns.