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Dr. Lee Ozaeta, MD - Updates

January 2021 Update

I recently began watching a show called Better Call Saul.

One of the characters in the show had the exact same symptoms as my Father: a worrisome cough, that the show made a point to depict.

What happened to that character?

He died of a heart attack, just like my Father.

What surprises me is these television producers know that chronic cough is a sign of heart failure, but to Dr. Lee Ozaeta, this was not a symptom that needed in-person investigating.

April 2021 Update

I have switched doctors since this incident with Dr. Lee Ozaeta.

All I can say is, I'm amazed at how well my new doctor treats me in comparison.

In comparison to Dr. Ozaeta, this new doctor takes my concerns seriously. When I told her about my father's heart attack, she was understanding about my fears and concerns.

I was 23 years old at the time, but I was scared I was going to have an imminent heart attack.

Instead of laughing at me, brushing my fears under the rug, or just sending me an email, she gave me an EKG and ran extra blood work to ease my thoughts.

Unfortunately, my blood work came back and indicated I have a higher incidence of a future heart attack. But her willingness to go above and beyond for my care is truly night and day compared to Dr. Lee Ozaeta.

Please do not settle for your primary health care provider.

You should feel like you are taken care of and taken seriously.